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So after passionately diving into creating a celebrity and pop culture community on DreamWidth as an ONTD alternative, life got in the way and interest in migrating from ONTD died down, especially with the popularity of daily political posts on ONTD, so I kind of stopped trying to make How Dare You, my attempt at an ONTD-alternative, happen. But even though I deleted my LJ account, I still lurk on ONTD and a comment on a post about Hillary Clinton's new book struck me. One of my ONTD faves, cameltoeementioned pitching an ONTD original post featuring the best excerpts from Hillary's new book. According to cameltoee, Brenden said no, because ONTD is trying to move away from politics.

Without context, this seems fairly innocuous — ONTD is a pop culture blog, after all. But considering the political climate, and the Russia connections that caused people to flee from LiveJournal and ONTD in the first place (and caused me to make HDU), this response leaves much to be desired — and at the risk of sounding dramatic, is somewhat troubling.

HDU's audience is still small-to-nonexistent. But consider this a call to everyone looking to build a new community to discuss pop culture and politics — without shady connections — to help make it happen. 

Have you joined HDU? Start submitting posts about your faves or about current events. My goal is to welcome discussion on pop culture, politics and anything else, so until we establish more of an audience and voice, feel free to submit any type of post and see if it gets accepted.

I'd also like help creating posts, promoting the group and encouraging membership/comments. So if you're interested in helping with this, message me about getting involved as a mod.

I feel lame posting this because I'm not trying to make something with the impact ONTD had in its heyday. I just want to find a safe space to discuss pop culture and politics with others who are fun, sassy and #woke. Try to help me make that happen here — or comment with other forums and blogs you participate in. I'm open to either.



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