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Sep. 26th, 2017 11:23 am
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not sure i'll be signing up for this - i'm being VERY careful with commitments i make because spoons are unpredictable - but it's interesting as always! nominations are currently open. i'm gonna hold on for a bit before nominating my faves, because i have a LOT of faves and not enough nomination spots and if other people have some of the same faves as me then i have more spots for other more obscure faves?

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"Home away from home"

Sep. 22nd, 2017 03:07 am
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It's genuinely disorienting to encounter all these spaces where I don't have to educate anyone or fight to be seen for who I am. Other people have already done that work, and leaders have clearly been receptive to it. (Rabbi Lippman is queer, but I don't assume that cis queer people will be welcoming to or understanding of trans people, especially nonbinary trans people.) I get to just show up and be a human being in human community. What an immense privilege. What a gift. Honestly, that might be the thing that gets me to stick with this—just the pure pleasure of being in a place where I didn't personally have to claw out a space for myself.

Josh met me and Kit in the park and we walked for a while (GMaps Pedometer says I walked 3.2 miles today, most of it pushing a heavy stroller with a heavy toddler; my feet and arms are very tired). I teased him that he should be glad I didn't make him meet the rabbi. But this is my thing, really. Maybe it's my latest three-month hobby. Maybe it'll be more than that. We'll see.
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doing A LOT better already on the physical health front. probably going to ignore fic/poetry for the next couple days though - my brain is still not 100% online.

in random: lately, the only way i can fall asleep is by constructing fics i'll probably never write. why do i do this. help me.

my soundtrack for the rest of the year, most likely: tswift's reputation, halsey's hfk, melanie martinez's crybaby, and lorde's melodrama. (might add an album or two from my backlog of to-listen ani difranco or andrew bird or fiona apple, but then again, might not.)
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So after passionately diving into creating a celebrity and pop culture community on DreamWidth as an ONTD alternative, life got in the way and interest in migrating from ONTD died down, especially with the popularity of daily political posts on ONTD, so I kind of stopped trying to make HDU happen. But even though I deleted my LJ account, I still lurk on ONTD and a comment on a post about Hillary Clinton's new book struck me. One of my ONTD faves, cameltoee, mentioned pitching an ONTD original post featuring the best excerpts from Hillary's new book. According to cameltoee, Brenden said no, because ONTD is trying to move away from politics.

Without context, this seems fairly innocuous — ONTD is a pop culture blog, after all. But considering the political climate, and the Russia connections that caused people to flee from LiveJournal and ONTD in the first place (and caused me to make HDU), this response leaves much to be desired — and at the risk of sounding dramatic, is somewhat troubling.

HDU's audience is still small-to-nonexistent. But consider this a call to everyone looking to build a new community to discuss pop culture and politics — without shady connections — to help make it happen. 

Have you joined HDU? Start submitting posts about your faves or about current events. My goal is to welcome discussion on pop culture, politics and anything else, so until we establish more of an audience and voice, feel free to submit any type of post and see if it gets accepted.

I'd also like help creating posts, promoting the group and encouraging membership/comments. So if you're interested in helping with this, message me about getting involved as a mod.

I feel lame posting this because I'm not trying to make something with the impact ONTD had in its heyday. I just want to find a safe space to discuss pop culture and politics with others who are fun, sassy and #woke. Try to help me make that happen here — or comment with other forums and blogs you participate in. I'm open to either.


ETA: Membership is now open, so invite ya friends!
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I don't want to write another huge long entry tonight, because last night's took 90 minutes and then I went to bed super late, but I do want to leave myself some quick notes on a thing. When Kit was off from daycare for a week, I was up and dressed by 11 every morning so I could do childcare. I put on real clothes and left the house every day. I did social things and I did actively fun things (not what I'm coming to think of as enjoyable sloth things, like playing video games or hanging out on Slack). My body and brain were engaged. I felt GREAT. I enjoyed every day and ended the week feeling like I'd been on vacation—like I'd gone on a holiday to New York and done all those things I'm always too busy or tired or whatever to do. And I did it while working (at night) and staying totally on top of my deadlines, even the ones accelerated by the holiday.

So I need to figure out how to do that more. I hoped a week of early rising would reset my body clock but of course I'm right back to going to bed at 5 a.m. (or later—Monday morning I went to bed at half past nine, which is not okay and has set me up for feeling like crap all week) so I will have to work on that part because I think it's pretty essential. Having something fun to get up for really helped, a thing that has been true going back to my childhood; I would be late to school every weekday morning for months but happily get up at dawn on a weekend to go to the Stormville flea market with my mother. Even more crucially, I would care enough to go to bed early—a thing I did during Kit's week off too—so that getting up early didn't wreck me and wreck the event I was looking forward to.

I don't think I can get up before 10 on a regular basis, but if I got up at 10 or 10:30 to be out the door by 11 for a ~12:00 thing someplace, that sounds doable. It just has to be a fun thing. I have an OT appointment at 13:00 and I genuinely enjoy OT in addition to it being kind of vital for my health and well-being, but it's not the exhilarating kind of fun, so going to bed early and getting up early and getting there on time are all challenging.

What are exuberant fun things that could happen around noon? I think I need something where I'm making a commitment to someone else, at least at first; I've tried setting schedules through sheer willpower before and it's never worked out. Lunches with friends? Classes of some kind? (Ideally free or cheap ones.) Swapping language lessons with someone who wants to improve their spoken or written English and help me learn to read kanji or sign ASL? A teaching or tutoring gig? (Maybe the local library needs volunteers in their adult learning center. I've sent them a note.) A crafting meetup? A chorus or other singing group? A walking club? Doing storytime or otherwise helping out at Kit's daycare? It doesn't need to be a big thing or a long thing or a very structured thing. It just has to start at around the right time of day and get me out of the house and engage my body and mind and bring me real joy. Nothing will do that as well as time with Kit, but some approximation should be possible. Suggestions are very welcome, keeping in mind that I used to write the learning section of the nonsense nyc weekly events newsletter and already know about basically every source of free and cheap educational experiences in the city. :)
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