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3V3Y2K ([personal profile] 3v3y2k) wrote2017-04-10 04:23 pm

A new home for those of us moving over from ONTD?

OK so I'm really loving Dreamwidth so far and i'm liking the idea of creating a new discussion community for those of us coming from ONTD, or anyone else on here who might be into pop culture and stuff. All the current pop culture groups seem dead, and I don't like the idea of trying to recreate ONTD if it's not an official thing, anyway.

I've started two communities for this purpose and I'm trying to see if there's any interest in building them... Again, I don't want them to be ONTD clones and I'd like them to be spaces where we can discuss more than pop culture, though that will be the focus. These will probably flop, but thought I'd throw them out there and see.

The communities are:

Entertainment Weakly: http://entertainmentweakly.dreamwidth.org/
HDU (lol)http://howdareu.dreamwidth.org/

If anyone sees this and has thoughts, lmk. :)